If you have been injured in an accident or are suffering from chronic illness, physical therapy in San Diego could be exactly what’s needed to restore movement and relieve pain caused by injury, disease or surgery. Through massage, exercises, equipment or other interventions a physical therapist can restore mobility to both disabled and elderly individuals alike.

Top-rated clinics in the city offer an array of services, from aquatic and land exercise, personal training, acupuncture and beyond. Each has licensed or board-certified therapists with years of experience and specialized skills who are certified to treat various conditions including joint replacements, stroke, arthritis and sports injuries. Some physical therapy clinics in San Diego even provide home care options so patients can recover faster following injuries or surgeries.

Scripps Health is one of the premier physical therapy companies, offering rehabilitation in hospitals, outpatient centers and home health settings throughout the region. Their specialized services aim to assist patients in recovering from ailments quickly and reaching their maximum potential – this can be accomplished with a customized plan that addresses both causes and symptoms for each individual’s condition.

They employ the principles of Applied Functional Science to diagnose and treat an array of injuries and conditions, using cutting-edge machines such as Alter G Treadmill and True Stretch to evaluate and treat these ailments. Furthermore, manual therapy techniques as well as research findings are employed in their approach to care. They have multiple locations across San Diego’s metro region that feature these cutting-edge machines – as well as offering manual therapy sessions themselves!

Family-owned company providing an array of services at its nine locations. Their staff of certified physical, massage, and occupational therapists allows them to treat traumatic injuries as well as pelvic dysfunction in patients across a broad spectrum of cases.

This company also provides a mobile physical therapist service, offering relief for any aches or pains and teaching self-treatment techniques to avoid further damage. You can conveniently schedule appointments online for added convenience for busy individuals.

BreakingThrough Physical Therapy’s team of physical therapists have extensive training and experience treating neck and back injuries. Their therapists are certified in dry needling techniques which stimulate natural healing processes to relieve pain quickly while speeding recovery; additionally they feature a full-time acupuncturist on-site for added support.

Carlsbad Center of Functional Restoration provides an integrated whole-body approach to restore function, mobility, and physical performance through Applied Functional Science therapy. Their team of therapists are certified experts in this field; many hold Fellow of Applied Functional Science certification. In addition, they can treat an array of injuries or conditions such as neck/back pain, sports injuries and vestibular rehabilitation.

This facility specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, vestibular and balance rehab as well as treating chronic diseases like osteoporosis. They offer numerous modalities, such as electrical stimulation and cupping therapy; their reputation among both patients and medical professionals for high-quality and personalized treatment programs is unsurpassed.

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