With storm season upon us, it’s wise to be proactive rather than reactive. By having your trees professionally inspected by an arborist beforehand, you’ll decrease costly tree damage.

Regular inspection will enable you to identify issues that could threaten the stability of your trees, such as dead or weak branches that could break in high winds, soil erosion and root damage.

Check for Decay

By inspecting trees regularly for decay, broken branches, pest infestations and ground heaving or leaning issues, it’s possible to reduce storm damage on your property. Should these issues arise it’s essential that a certified arborist be contacted immediately.

Cracked trees with cavities, mushrooms or cracks that indicate internal decay may compromise their structural integrity, however it’s difficult to accurately assess this problem without professional inspection.

When planting trees, choose species known to have stronger wind resistance. Wittenbach Services’ local arborists can recommend species that will withstand Lowell’s frequent storms effectively. Regular pruning and maintenance also helps ensure your trees’ wellbeing. Go to grandrapidsmitreeservices.com to learn more.

Remove Dead or Weak Branches

Storms can bring with them broken branches that could hit your property and cause severe damage, so regular inspection of trees and removal of large dead limbs that might fall can protect both yourself and your home from harm.

As well, it is vital that tree limbs stay clear of electrical cables and structures in order to ensure safe living environments for everyone. Tree branches that come too close could become severed during high winds, endangering both property and power supplies in your neighborhood.

When damage to a tree occurs, contact an arborist immediately. Even though it may seem minor, even minor damages require work and time for recovery. Furthermore, protecting roots from erosion while providing them with enough room to grow can help trees withstand strong winds more effectively; and regular pruning promotes healthy growth while decreasing structural problems that might otherwise fail during high winds.

Protect Tree Roots from Erosion

Roots play an essential part in storm resilience for trees. Regular inspections help identify any issues that could cause uprooting during high winds, such as soil compaction and root rot. Our team can offer help through proper mulching techniques for improved root health and storm resilience.

As well as preventive pruning, our arborists offer expert tree recommendations suited to Lowell’s climate and more resilient against severe weather events. In collaboration with Wittenbach Services and community engagement efforts, these tree recommendations help create landscapes which are storm-ready. This approach fosters shared responsibility among neighbors for preserving nature in their neighborhoods – this is essential in building community resilience.


Root health is integral to a tree’s ability to withstand severe storms. Damaged or in poor condition roots make a tree more prone to being uprooted during high winds, possibly leading to broken branches or uprooting altogether.

Regular pruning can reduce the risk of storm-related damage. Pruning can remove dead limbs and reduce canopy size to help a tree withstand strong winds more effectively.

Pruning improperly can actually do more harm than good. Topping, or the practice of cutting back the main branches to their bases to stubs, can result in the death of mature trees and denude them of essential resources that enable regrowth or recoveries after storm damage.

Continued Maintenance

Maintaining healthy and limb free trees is the cornerstone of storm resistance. Scheduling routine inspections from an ISA-certified arborist helps identify any issues and ensure timely tree care completion to mitigate structural damages during severe weather events.

Mulching should also be applied carefully and avoid disturbing shallow roots. Finally, planting native species that thrive in Lowell’s climate and offer greater storm resilience than non-native specimens are key for creating an appealing and sustainable landscape design.

Wittenbach Services Tree Professionals offer more than preventive measures; their team of tree professionals provide complete tree pruning to safeguard the greenery on your property. Investing in ongoing maintenance with local experts helps build stronger communities more resiliant against extreme weather.

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